Health 2.0 (International)

Health 2.0, as a novel service of “User Generated Health”, starts from the “Silicon Vally”, west coast of North America, 2007, and is right now widely spread all over the world.

Health 2.0 refers to a number of related concepts including telemedicine, electronic med- ical records, mHealth, Connected Health , and the use of the internet by patients themselves such as through messageboards, blogs, and other more advanced systems. A key concept is that patients themselves should have greater insight and control into information generated about them.


Because of the increasing health care markets and also the great progress in ICT, especially the Web 2.0 Technology, the community of Health 2.0 is warmed up and active all over world.

Time Event Region Resource
Dec. 21, 2011 New Delhi Winter 2011 Asia (none)
Oct. 27-28, 2011 Berlin Fall 2011 Europe (none)
Sep. 24-27, 2011 San Francisco Fall 2011 North America (none)
Mar. 20, 2011 San Diego Spring 2011 North America (none)
Oct. 6-8, 2010 San Francisco Fall 2010 North America (none)
Jun. 7-8, 2010 Washington D.C. Spring 2010 North America (none)
Apr. 24, 2010 Florida Spring 2010 North America (none)
Apr. 6-7, 2010 Paris Spring 2010 Europe (none)
Oct. 6-7, 2009 San Francisco Fall 2009 North America (none)
Apr. 22-23, 2009 Boston Spring 2009 North America (none)
Oct. 22-23, 2008 San Francisco Fall 2008 North America (none)
Mar. 3-4, 2008 San Diego Spring 2008 North America (none)
2007 San Francisco Fall 2007 North America (none)

Health 2.0 Tokyo Chapter Vol. 3 (2011)

Thanks to the great effort of members of Health 2.0 Tokyo Chapter, such as MedPeer, IMS, Ultmarc, Eisai, M3, Elsevier, etc, we are glad to announce that Health2.0 Tokyo Chapter III (2011) has been successfully held in Tokyo at Oct. 14th, 2011.

Here, we attached the Chapter Meeting Report to describe the process in details.

Chapter Meeting Report for Health 2.0 Tokyo Chapter III (2011)

Health 2.0 Fukushima Vol. 1 (2010)

メディカルクリエーションふくしま2010 医療情報ビジネスセミナー ~Health 2.0 Fukushima Chapter~


  • 株式会社Eyes, JAPAN 代表取締役 山寺純:「Chapterの概要及びEyes, JAPANの紹介」
  • Lizzie Dunklee Executive Producer, Health 2.0:「Introduction of Health 2.0」
  • メドピア株式会社 代表取締役・医師 石見陽:「Health 2.0とフラットな医師コミュニティが医療機器産業に与えるインパクト」
  • 会津大学 先端情報科学研究センター(CAIST)医学・医療クラスター教授 医師・医学博士 奥 真也:「医学・医療の創造~実は誰がつくるのか」
  • 先端医療振興財団 調査役 吉川典子:「薬事法に見るHealth2.0の可能性」
  • 討論会:「Health 2.0とこれからの医療産業」

Health 2.0 Tokyo Chapter Vol. 2 (2010)

Health2.0 Tokyo Chapter Vol. 2 Report

2010年8月27日、六本木アカデミーヒルズのスカイスタジオで第二回Health2.0 Tokyo Chapterが開催された。開催告知が盆休みと重なり、人の集まり具合が懸念されたが、会場はほぼ満員状態。Health2.0に対する関心の広がりを再認識した。

Health 2.0 Tokyo Chapter Vol. 1 (2010)

Health 2.0 Tokyo Chapter Vol.1 Report

2010年6月、東京で第一回Health2.0 Tokyo Chapterが開催された。